Safety Support


Job Summary:

The Safety Support position will ensure all employees are aware of safety requirements and follow safety procedures. They will input Miss Dig excavation locate request tickets, manage renewals, and field phone call requests for additional Miss Dig needs.  They will assist the Safety team in creating and maintaining company, State and Federal safety policies in the workplace.

Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Upload and enter incident reports in incident log
  • Upload Toolbox Talk sign in sheets
  • Conduct safety training for all new employees and rehires
  • Assign PPE to all new employees and rehires
  • Keep records of all personal protective equipment going in and out
  • Be involved in safety meetings as you will be the first face of safety new employees see
  • Conduct audits to verify compliance on required regulations and company policies
  • Add Miss Dig tickets
  • Monitor Miss Dig Hits part 1
  • Complete monthly Gold Shovel reporting
  • Act as a backup for DTEHWL
  • Aid in developing recommendations for safety programs/policies to attain and sustain a hazard-free workplace
  • Gas OQ tracking of certifications
  • Assisting on presentations created with Safety Team
  • Assemble and distribute MISS DIG Hit Kits
  • Assist Safety team

Skills / Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of computers, specifically Microsoft office systems; comfortably working in several different types of software
  • Ability to multitask effectively and set priorities
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written skills


Education / Experience:

  • Understanding of industry safety standards and programs
  • Construction and/or electrical experience is not required but preferred
  • Pursue webinars and classes to say up to date with current industry trends
  • High school diploma / GED and/or bachelor’s degree