Gas Distributor

Rauhorn Electric is in need of individuals with gas distribution experience. If you have experience in this type of position or know someone with experience, please contact HR at or apply here on our website. Apply here

REbuild. REenergize. REflect.

I am sitting here on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan catching up on some paperwork and I am so amazed at where we stand as a company here at Rauhorn Electric. We just completed another volunteer event. Today, we cleaned up brush and old fencing for the DNR office on Belle Isle. I am proud […]

National Work Zone

Join Rauhorn Electric, Inc. and the rest of the industry in bringing national attention to Work Zone Safety. Drivers need to realize that there are PEOPLE working behind those barrels. Those people are your Dad, Moms, Uncles, Aunts, Neighbors, Grandpas, Brothers, Sisters and Friends. This year the theme is “Drive like YOU work here”. Drive safely […]

Employee Engagement

We are not just a family “owned” business. Rauhorn Electric is a family in and of itself. That’s why employee engagement and morale is so important to us. Recently published statistics state,  “Organizations with high employee engagement  outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%.”      “80% of employees felt more engaged when their work […]

Community Outreach

Warm you hearts during these cold months by joining Rauhorn in our community outreach efforts. Everyday our employees are working on electrical infrastructure in places that directly impact your life. We are on the roads you take to work, the parking lots of your favorite stores & the airport runway you travel on during your next […]